Due to ongoing demands on my time, I am no longer accepting new work. Keeping this online for historical purposes.






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Development : Sixsigma initiative

Sixsigma initiative

Intranet homepage for steelscape's sixsigma initiative. The site was constructed using html, css, javascript, and ASP. My primary responsibilities where construction of the backend and the user interface.

The client requested that the front end be elegant, but *SEXY*. The client also requested that the back function such that his six sigma team could keep the site up to date without any html skill.

• The interface was created in photo shop, then coded in html, asp, and javascript, then formated with CSS.

• The back end was simplified into a series of lists (vocabulary terms, team members, project, events etc) which could be easily resorted, arranged, modified, deleted from, and appended. Javascript was used to streamline the interface so the controls and input fields are hidden until relevant in order to prevent inexperienced users from being overwhelmed by the large number of interactive items required to keep the site up to date.

related skills:
• html/css
• javascript