Due to ongoing demands on my time, I am no longer accepting new work. Keeping this online for historical purposes.






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Development : Infoscape


Enterprise intranet site
Infoscape is the Intranet site for a cold rolling steel mill. Infoscape was constructed using html, css, javascript, ASP and microsoft SQL server. My primary responsibilities were administration, interface design, and back-end design and maintenance.

The client wanted a redesign of the existing intranet site to make it more usable, attractive, and useful.

• In order to bring more relevant and useful information to the users, the site was more closely tied to the dynamic data produced or gathered by employees not associated with information technology. (For example: Safety information, MSDSs, marketing data, industry news, employment opportunities, paint data, etc).

• The menu on the left had gotten too long and scrolled off screen for users with low resolution. To alleviate the problem, each submenu was placed in a collapsing folder and users were given the option of removing each menu item as well as adding their own.

• The site was given a face lift using photoshop and css. The design is bright, elegant and clean.

related skills:
• Microsoft SQL
• html/css
• javascript