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blurring the line between powerful, responsive desktop applications and the rich, colorful experiences of the web
Learn more about the technologies driving these exciting trends

New technologies are blurring the line between powerful, responsive desktop applications and the rich, colorful experiences of the web. The maturation of flash and emergence of Ajax have increased the potential of web applications and indeed the expectations of the average information consumer. I am pleased to offer a variety of services which leverage these rapidly evolving trends.

I offer three classes of service. End to end solutions are aimed at customers who're looking to complete a project without juggling contact with multiple developers and designers. Collateral services are generally offered as part of a larger service package. This might include illustration, print work or branding. Partial services are geared toward customers with an existing infrastructure or team and only need a particular role filled.

End to end solutions

Learn more about how a project comes together from start to finish

Full featured site These can vary in scope and scale, but generally provide information which changes over time such as sales, promotional deals, news and events. This may also include community building tools which allow your customers to provide feedback and interact with each other. For a company who's offering is enhanced by an extensive library of examples or how-to articles, a strong user community can greatly increase its value to the consumer with very little time and cost investment.

Kiosk interface Trade shows and in-store locations are ideal places for kiosks. As the price of touch screens and LCDs continue to fall, the benefit / cost of this class of solution is quickly increasing. Trade show kiosks allow interested parties to educate themselves about your offerings. Don't lose a sales pitch opportunity because you're already dealing with another interested party. In store locations allow customers to place orders and learn about the products in stock and where to find them, decreasing the demand on labor. See an example.

Business card site Quick and dirty. This sort of project provides largely static information such as contact details, hours of operation, driving directions, and preliminary information about your initiative. Think of it like taking out an ad in the paper or the yellow pages, only you have complete control over its presentation and the undivided attention of your audience.

Custom Not every project can fit neatly into a box. Are you thinking about doing something crazy with your project? Awesome :) Contact me and let's make it happen.

Collateral services

Illustration Spot illustration is a relatively inexpensive and effective means of adding depth and impact to your message.

Flash animation Hands down, flash offers the most rich interactive user experience possible on the web. The incorporation of sound, full motion video, animation and interaction provides a powerful medium for your message.

Branding This important service will help define the personality, philosophy and goals of your organization. Presenting a consistent message and image to the public is vital to name recognition and fostering customer loyalty.

Print If we are heading toward a paperless society, it is still a long way off. Until then, news letters, brochures, and business cards will remain an important part of your message.

Partial services

UI development
UI design
Back end logic