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Friday the 13th

Rendur 2.2

Friday, 2:34 PM

Finally made the switch to Rendur 2.2
The syntax highlighting is still not as fast and as solid as I like, but its still very usable. Also, rendur 2.1 was broken in FF3 so upgrading was a pressing matter. As always, please provide any feed back or ideas.

Whats new in 2.2

  • javascript sandbox

  • syntax highlighting for html and css. This is turned off by default (firefox only)

  • ability to turn realtime editing and syntax highlighting off.
    (select "Rendur 2.2" tab. When realtime editing is turned off, click the appropriate tab a second time to render your changes)

  • targeted editing. (firefox only) Click the target (?) to select an element and edit it's content while leaving
    the rest of the documnet untouched. Click any item in the targeted element's ancestry to
    edit that element.

  • minor layout/interface adjustments

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