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Wednesday the 12th

safari, firefox 3, rendur and !important

Wednesday, 4:4 PM
UPDATE: Ive added the javascript sand box for IE users - just because it was easy and I suppose there is no good reason not to.

With the firefox 3 beta available, i decided to see how my different sites would render and behave. turns out - rendur.com now breaks, but the same way that safari breaks. sucked because it meant that Id have to fix it, but good because it meant that I could possibly get it working for safari too. After a surprisingly small amount of work, rendur is now functioning in safari and FF3. (The difficulties appear to be with how each browser deals with '!important' declarations.) Like IE, safari doesn't reinterpret style sheets on the fly, so only the markup and javascript tab are enabled. Better than nothing I suppose. rendur.

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